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New to fiver - Difference between impression, views and clicks

I have been looking for fiver gigs for few days… sometime i found impression are high views are low and clicks are lower than both of it…

sometime, I found impression are low clicks are high but the views are low.
how can I categorized it? I meant I am confused, when clicks are high then how views are lower than clicks?
and sometime clicks are low but the views are high. What does it mean?

looking forward to get most described answers


I’m admittedly not an expert, but my informed guess would be that either:

“Clicks” are simply landing on the page itself, as in all traffic, and “Views” might mean the clicker stays a specified length of time (30 seconds, a minute, etc) before bouncing off-page, or;

The analytics are expressed as week-over-week and you might be misunderstanding, meaning if you got 100 clicks Week A, and 90 clicks Week B, your clicks will show with a red arrow and “10” to indicate you have 10 less views in Week B versus Week A.

I don’t know how Fiverr calculates the same person looking at your gig multiple times, that may account for the difference too. In that case, I may only count as 1 “click,” but I have “viewed” your gig multiple times.

Hope that makes…some…sense?


Thank you very much for your brief answer. You helped me understand very well the question i was looking for.

And yes I also don’t have an idea how fiverr calculate the same person visiting your gig multiple time, may be time matters. when a same person visit your gig in different time, i believe fiverr count 2 two views because time are different.

I am not sure it’s just an idea.