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New to Fiver need help please :)

Hello guys am new to Fiver , and i would like to have some questions please
if you do not mind to help ,
I have create a new Gig and set everything
should i just wait for clients orders ???
is there any way to see the clients requests so i can bid and making offers please ?
how to do that !!

Thanks so much
Happy New Year <3


Thanks & welcome for sure we are here

you don’t have to wait & sit just take action now, go to Buyer request option under selling menu there you can see some jobs request as your gig category,
read & understand there needs & send your offer to them with clear & short msg

BEST OF LUCK :slight_smile:


Thanks for answering daim , but i just got this message when i go to open buyer requests
(You must have active gigs in order to see new buyer requests!)
i already have a Gig , how do i active it ?
Thank you


I looked at your profile page and you do not have any active gigs.

After you make your gig you should come to a part that says something like, "Are you ready to go live? If you agree it will be live.

Remember as a new user you will not see many Buyer Requests until you are a level 1 seller. Sometimes you may not see any. The only Buyer Requests you see are those related to your gigs.

Also, you will see many sellers trying to promote their gigs there. Do not be fooled into promoting yours in BR. Only other sellers can see them so it is a waste of time. Some sellers that posted there have come here to cry about how they got their gigs taken down for doing so.

Good Luck. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much dear , really appreciate your pro Tips <3
may i ask you how do i go to the part that says something like, "Are your ready to go live ?

Happy new year @vickiespencer

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Your gig is very general, try to create multiple gigs for specific types of design. Like 1 for logo design, 1 for brochure design, 1 for web design and so forth. This way you’ll have more chances in meeting clients.


thanks @toutou123
appreciate that , will work on it right now <3

It is at the end of creating your gig. Just follow the steps and you will get there.

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got it and now my Gig is active <3 thanks again @vickiespencer
have a wonderful day ^ ^

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Good luck. You will be level 1 in no time!

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@vickiespencer is that normal to not see any Buyer requests alive ?
i have 2 Gigs , introducing a different products
and still do not see any Buyer requests !!


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Just keep awesome, and loads of patience, while you send in more offers. Be concise enough and yet communicate clear intentions for your Gigs.

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With graphic design it is quite normal not to see many Buyer Requests, because of how quickly people respond and are hired.

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Hello, have a question am a new seller and i just made my first sales but my balance is still 0$, how do i go about that ?

sometimes it take few days to make your gig active in search try updating tags after 3 4 days & using more clear keywords

It needs 14 days to verify your money, so don’t worry.

I’m new as well and wish you all the best,it’s very hard since there is a lot of competitive gigs but i hope we will all get some piece of it :slight_smile: Lucky fiverr they always get a piece of it :smiley:

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Am new a seller i worked with a buyer and sent me offer and i accepted. I deliver the work but the payment he made is not reflecting in my account. Please how do i go about it. Thanks