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New to Fiver - Please Review my Audio Samples


I am a new voice over artist on fiverr and I have put some sample audios: phone messages, demo commercials, and demo audio book narration.

I would greatly appreciate if some of you out there could actually listen to them and give me some feedback on the tone, accent, and delivery.

Thank you very much in advance for your time.


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Your sound quality is pretty good, and you have quite a rich voice which is nice. You don’t sound really like English is your first language though, which may put off some people who are looking for “native” english accents.

Your tone is pretty good, but you only really show 1 type of delivery, which I’d describe as “careful professional” - a tad monotonous, not very energetic, professional read. This definitely isn’t a bad tone to use, but you probably want to show a much wider variety in your reel. You don’t really have anything that sounds super energetic, or anything that sounds more casual/chatty - both of which are things that clients often ask for.

I think you could also work on some of your articulation - a couple of words felt quickly skimmed over. When you said “We apologise, but you have reached us outside of business hours”, it sounded more like “biness hours”. For phone system recordings, you need to make sure everything is very clearly articulated, because the phone line will already distort the audio somewhat and make it harder for the caller to understand.

I think you have some good foundations, and by adding in more variety you will do better. I’d also recommend advertising VO’s in your native language, as this would help supplement any sales lost by people who are looking for “native” sounding speakers. I love your accent, though, so hopefully you won’t get this issue too often!


Thanks so much for your excellent and thorough feedback. You actually took time out of your so busy schedule for such detailed comments shows how caring you are for other people.

You are right, English is not my first language and that was something I was greatly concerned about that it might show up. But I’ve tried very hard to brush up my accent. Tell me, is the alien accent too obvious though or just slightly? Like, where would you put it on a scale of 1 to 10 with completely alien accent on 1 and a native accent on 10?

I like you to know that I value each of your comments dearly and will definitely work on the improvements you pointed out.

Thanks once again!

It is my pleasure to offer help where I can to fellow voice actors!

Your accent is very good, actually - it’s good enough that I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint where you’re originally from (or what your first language is), and I’m usually pretty good at guessing those things because I speak a few languages.

It’s only slightly noticeable, I’d say that you’re a 7 or 8 out of 10 in terms of sounding like a native English speaker. It’s clear you’ve worked hard and you’re doing a great job!