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New to Fiverr, 26 gigs sold so far


Hey Fiverr community :slight_smile: I sold my first gig on March 15, and so far I have had 26 sales. I know it’s a process, and I know there is A LOT of talented competition, but I was curious if this would be considered a good start? You can see my gig here:

Your response is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



@destinyrose - congrats! I see you list spaces on airbnb - do you think you could convince my lame apartment bldg to LET me list my place on airbnb? :wink:


lol maybe, depends on if you have a no sublet clause in your contract, sometimes even if you do you can convince em if you share the monies with em :slight_smile:


That is really awesome! I actually put my first gig up today and allready have my first order so I am very excited because I have 10 more gigs to put up! Having an order on the very first day is very motivating to get my other gigs up as well as make them better :slight_smile:


You are doing great! Congratulations! :slight_smile:


Congrats girl! HighFIVE! That is a great start. Be proud!


Reply to @stanigator: thank you, I am certainly trying!!


Reply to @giangpiepie: thanks! it took a little while to get the first one, but then they have started getting more steady :slight_smile:


Reply to @huynhkhoe: thanks!!


You’re certainly doing well. It took me 20 months to get this many sales. Granted, for most of the duration, I wasn’t active here.


you generally have a fairly rapid growth and outstanding

keep trying you will succeed :-* :-* :-*


That’s really great! Congratulation :slight_smile: I wish I get more traffic like you :slight_smile: Just joined a week ago and only have 5 orders




Great Job :slight_smile:


Keep trying