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New to Fiverr, all gigs removed, can I dispute a denied gig?

Hello all,

I joined Fiverr a couple weeks ago in hopes of getting some freelance work for video editing. I’ve had all my gigs taken down for repeating images and videos. So I decided, instead of offering different gigs for the different kinds of videos I edit, to do one big umbrella gig. I made sure to delete all previous gigs first.

The next day, I find that the new “umbrella gig” has been deleted for being a copy and I have a strike against my account, despite deleting the previous gigs. Is there a way to dispute this or have the strike waived?

I just made that same gig again because my last one was denied for the above reason, but I’m afraid to publish if the system thinks the one that was denied is still active like it did last time.

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Have you contacted Customer Support to discuss the issue?

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Theres a big problem, I can’t figure out how to contact. All I see is an FAQ page and no phone number or e-mail.

Here is the link for Customer Support:


Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

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I am getting “Action failed” every time I try to send in my request.

If that doesn’t work you can contact them at


Thanks. Sent an e-mail there. All I can do is wait now. I hope I can get this figured out.

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I mean, I already realize I have to under sell myself. And it sucks I can’t share my portfolio site because its not an approved source. What are your suggestions for other freelance sites for editors? Because it seems like Fiverr really doesn’t want to help editors out.

They hid your post…dang, *************** Too afraid of a little conversation, so they have to go squelching the topic.

Hey Fryestudios, never undersell yourself. You provide a value, not a commodity. Fiverr is commodity based, they have no concept of ‘value’ here. I’m sure there are local businesses in your area that might benefit from some part time video help…

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Repeating images and videos is not a good idea.

Do you remember your gig titles? What kind of video editing are you doing? Commercials? Music videos? Weddings? Promos? Trailers?

I had separate gigs for all of those. I was told that I’m not allowed to do that because they are too similar and used the same editing reel (I dont feel the need to make separate editing reels if the one I have already shows what I can do). So I just made one “umbrella gig” for all of them and just charged based on the length of the video. That one was removed and caused me to get a strike because it was a “copy of/ or too similar to existing gigs” despite me completely deleting all my in progress gigs. I deleted them all so I wouldnt get the “This video is the same as your other gigs.”

The way the site is laid out doesn’t allow me to price as accurately or create separate gigs for different types of video. No matter what, the images and reel would be the same. Unfortunately, this is why I’m trying to make an umbrella gig.

By using the same editing gig, you failed to differentiate your gigs. For example, I have a gig for Teespring headlines, and another gig for general headlines. Both gigs have different images, portfolio samples, and back in the day, different videos.

I no longer use videos because they affect how my gigs look in the search results.

My advice would be to break down your reel.

Gig 1: car commercial
Gig 2: wedding video
Gig 3: music video

And so forth.

Umbrella gigs can be good or bad, I think they’re not great for SEO. Since I don’t market my gigs, I need to be found here, and it’s important to use the keywords from my gig titles. If the gig title doesn’t say “facebook ad” and my tag does, I don’t think my search results will be as good as if I have “facebook ad” in both places.

Either way, talk to CS, ask them for advice about what to do. If they ignore you, message them on Facebook.