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I joined Fiverr thinking that this would be a great opportunity to get some simple work done at a great price while also helping put an artist into a different business arena. I had a simple request and have had 3 failed attempts at acquiring the services that were advertised. Each person came up with some type of excuse as to why they could not provide the services. If the gig says “I will create or redesign a logo for you,” I’m under the impression that this is what you do.

The first person waited until the day that it was due and then tells me, “I have school and don’t have time.” My reply: "Why are you still advertising your services if you know that you can’t fulfill them?"

The second person, again waits until one day before the job is due and says, “Cancelling the job.” No other explanation. Just cancelled.

Now the third person actually sends me a document that says “DESIGN JOB COMPLETED.” When I open what I think is going to be this awesome artwork, I’m surprised to see a note that simply says “This a design job and cannot be done for $5” My reply: Its a pencil drawing…What’s there to design?? Its making a copy!"

I’m glad that some others have been able to find what they were looking for here, unfortunately, I was not.