New to fiverr and getting conflicting messages on pricing- Please help!


I’m new to fiverr and I don’t understand something. Is the five dollars just to get you in and then it is business as usual/main stream or what?

I tried to purchase my first gig the other day and when I sent the guy my information on what I needed.

A wordpress template design or tweeking of what I already have up. (His Choice)

When he contacted me he wanted $200 minimum to start and wanted to invoice me OFF SITE.

Correct me if I am wrong but I’m thinking $200 is a lot higher then the $5 advertized. And if I pay off site how would fiverr ever know if I got the item I paid for or not?

So my question(s)

Is the five dollar pricing just a bate and switch thing to get customers in?

Or is this just some random guy taking advantage?

How does it REALLY work on fiverr?

I need a nice wp template built and have numerous other gigs I would like to outsource but honestly I can find someone right here to do what I need for main stream pricing and/or take advantage of a buyer who is not in the know.

Can some one fill in the blanks for me/ I’m having a hard time understanding how you can legally advertize anything for $5 (No matter how ridiculous it sounds.) and then bump it to hundreds more once the buyer is on the "hook."

Thank you for your help in clarifying this. I’d like to use the site but I need to be able to trust what a seller says and does.

I wrote Fiverr CS days ago but to so far don’t seem to have a reply either in my personal email box, spam box OR my fivrr email box and I need to know what to expect before I commit. (This is the Internet after all and not everyone is honest and someone to trust :frowning:

Thank you


1- People have the right to add some extras to their gigs to get more than 5$. But the main service should only cost you 5$.

2- NO OFF SITE invoices are accepted at Fiverr. Don’t share you contact information with others. You will get banned.

3- CS may take a longer time to response to your ticket, as they have work overload.


this guy is trying to either scam you or make you pay for something that is the same price on professional websites. Fiverr specifically states when you go to type in any type of outside communication, email etc, (in your message tothe seller/buyer) or ask for any more money than originally stated in the gig/extra gigs, you are NOT allowed to do that. You must stay in contact throgh Fiver and ONLY Fiverr. Nobody comes on fiver to spend $200, what’s the point of Fiverr then? and no seller on Fiverr expects to be paid $200. Don’t bother with this person that’s insane. You may even want to report this user if you feel he is being unfair and… well un-Fiverr like. Did you order yet?


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Reply to @vedmak:

Yes. I agree with what you are saying but the sellers ad was for a wordpress template for $5. I had budgeted myself at between $39 & $50. I do believe in treating my employees as I would like to be treated :slight_smile: Fairly and honestly. I like win, win situations.

I know that I can buy a premade wp template within that budget range, with no problem, so I assumed (and we know what they say about that lol) that this seller would just swap out the background colors and add my header to a “premade” template of my choice. I wanted it to be ad ready as it will be an affiliate site.

Not knowing how fiverr works I just took it at face value. The listings read $5 and the name is fiverr. I assumed (There I go again:) That $5 still meant five dollars and I figured I could tip IF I was pleased with the work and the seller turned out the project in a timely manner.

I did ask him to coordinate the background and main areas of the template to the colors in my header. I know almost any wp template can be edited easily with a click of a button or a color change (#

) in the css styles page. No big deal 5 to 10 mins or less if you are skilled and on top of your game.

I have the experience. I just don't have the time. Sixty-six sights and counting and I was looking to outsource articles, and a few templates, also need opt-in/squeeze pages. Some graphics, maybe?

Perhaps outsourcing is just not one of my better ideas?


Reply to @believeinu:

Yes. That is the feel I got. That he might be scamming me or was pricing at what is mainstream pricing in his area. I have seen pricing like this for a custom made website but to my knowledge wp templates is altogether different and most pro’s have premade ones ready and available with few adjustments. I don’t have to go online to get that. He did say he only uses fiverr to get his customers. I found that interesting. Felt kind of like bait and switch at that point.

Thanks for bring me up to date on TOS again I assumed much of that would be done over the phone or via email. Like I said, this end of the spectrum I am really not familiar with.

Wow! Trying to get what you want through the written word only, has got to be an art. Many people don’t hear you when you are standing in front of them with hard-copy examples in hand.

This should be interesting lol. Looks like I have some new skills to hone :slight_smile:

Thank you for your assistance. It’s much appreciated.


Reply to @armer:

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and break that down for me.

Shame on me. I should have read the TOS with a little more diligence. Most of that jargon has more weasel clauses than a bucket riddled with bullet holes, lol.

I find a lot of that type of writing/statement equivocal at best.

Guess I better start my caffeine drip and have another look. Thanks again; much appreciated :slight_smile: