New to fiverr and got first order! Any suggestion for a newbie?


Hello, I just joined fiverr and made a gig.
And in a hour got an order.
Exciting stuff!
I am a web developer btw.
Please give any suggestion or tip for me!
or say hello!

#2 also new here


Alright. I’ll offer a tip: Have you read the Fiverr TOS? :wink:


congratulations, wish you all the best :slight_smile:


Hi I’m also a newbie here. I have been waiting for my first order all this while. Why am I not contacted after messaging countless buyer requests. My niche is swollen article writing


Then perhaps you need to find your customers elsewhere. :wink:

Where are the people who need your services located? Go there. Promote there.


Thanks for the immediate response. However if you don’t mind, could you please tell me if my profile description is the problem or something. My account is
Thanks once again.


Best of luck sir. You are lucky that you got your order in your first hour. I got my first order after one month :smiley:


and i am waiting for that lucky day. :smiley:


None of us will be able to tell you why you aren’t gaining sales. We don’t have that kind of data. And asking me to look at your profile, and by doing so, miraculously fix your sales drought won’t help either. YOU are the only person that can earn sales. Like I advised you in my previous comment, “Where are the people who need your services located? Go there. Promote there.”

If you don’t want to do the hard work to succeed, that is your choice. But I can assure you, the problem is not confined to your gigs. The problem is that you aren’t reaching out to your target customers.


HI, congrats for your performance. I dont have any advice for you, rather I will be glad if you can share your secrets with me because i am almost a month old in fiverr but still hoping for my first order.


Hello everyone, i am also new to fiverr and I honestly don’t know how this works (getting clients)… please, can anyone out there put me trough. And guys, you can go ahead to my profile and check out my gigs. Am a graphic and web designer… thanks


congratulations, Best of luck :slight_smile:


Wow… Congratulations!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You can try Buyer Request option. Make a attractive offer related to the requeest with good price.


Where you promote your services besides social media , blogs and forums?


Congratulations Best Of Luck .Recently I Am New And I Complete 4 Projects On 15 Days .


hello buddy, I am also new here, happy to hear that.


I will be unable to share the specifics of where I market and promote my services. That is privileged information that I do not share with the public.

But yes, to answer your question, social media, blogs and forums are good places to consider when developing your own marketing strategy. Choose the places where your target customers are located. Your target customers are the only people that will make you successful.


same here bro, i am looking for some advice for sell my Gigs,