New to fiverr and have had 2 transactions i wasn't satisfied with


hello everyone! i’m going to give this a shot. i’ve always been skeptical about outsourcing design work. i’m a seasoned designer but was opting to try this site in order not to hire an inhouse person. i already have a staff here but feel like i’m not quite to the point to hiring an extra person so here i am…

ON TO MY TOPIC: so right out of the getes, i tried to have 2 different logos designed in order to save time. i wasn’t expecting the best work but i also wasn’t expecting what i got. i thought i thumbed through the sellers samples and picked the right people for the projects. i stuck to USA based designers but it turned out to be more of a waste of time.

HELP: for all the buyers out there… can you give me some tips on how to have better luck in the future? should i stay with USA based sellers? are my expectations too high? i’ll take any feedback :slight_smile: thanks for your feedback!


I can’t help you with design, but if you see a busty blonde from the USA and “she” speaks terrible English, the chances are that you’re talking to a guy who’s never been anywhere near America.

As for thumbing through the samples, always do a Google reverse image check on them, to see if they’re stolen.

Finding a good logo designer here (someone who actually designs from scratch) can be tricky. Some people mention that they have found awesome designers, so it’s definitely possible, but it’s likely to take time and effort.


thanks for the feed back! yeah, i guess it makes sense searching for the images but then i’ll have to do that for everyone and that’ll take a lot of time it seems. i’ll figure it out.


There are more logo sellers on Fiverr than any other gigs - I’m sure you discovered that already. Unfortunately, this is one field where many sellers with zero experience set up shop, because they read somewhere how easy it is to make money.

I know there are some talented logo - legitimate - designers here on Fiverr. Unfortunately, there are so many to filter through - I am having difficult time as well.

I’ve made over hundred purchases here so I do know a thing or two about this site. I’m afraid my post won’t satisfy your answer.[quote=“hudioworks, post:1, topic:106599”]
are my expectations too high?

No, your expectations are not too high. Don’t be mistaken, Fiverr has tons of talented, great designers. Illustrations, writers, editors, book cover designers, to name a few stand out and it’s easy to pick someone out just by the profile and gig.

The logo as stated by others above can be easily stolen from google. Make sure you right click the image and do a reverse search via google to make sure it’s original.


as @gina_riley2 mentions, the logo category is brimming with inexperienced users. Before I started selling here I had a buyer account and bought logos (basic packages) from 5 different sellers (at the same time, same order description), and I think I was lucky to find one I then went forward with for the extras such as source file etc. The seller I bought from was Indonesian I think if I remember rightly, so I wouldn’t stick to US sellers.

It’s worth spending time, and a little money, to find the right person if you think you might need more in the future.


I understand your frustration! I posted a request and got 41 offers. As I started going through the profiles and checking the Flickr links provided by these “designers” I noticed something…

A LOT OF THEM WERE SHOWING OFF THE SAME EXACT LOGOS. Or I’d be seeing different logos…and suddenly one pops up that was distinctive from another profile. So definitely take a close look, because a lot of them certainly are stolen images.

I’m hoping the one I decided on works out, she has good reviews.


This is a bit tricky because you’ll need to be familiar with art/design to be able to tell, without google search, that if the gig samples are legit. If you go for cheap, you will need the knowledge to pick out the gold among the dirt. Not saying going for cheap is a bad thing, I have my logo done here, for $5, and modified it a bit by myself. I didn’t even pay for source file because I can create it from scratch. Basically I paid $5 for a good idea. It might not be the best, but I’m satisfied, and it’s cheap.

Now I’m able to do that because I’m an illustrator and most of the time I can tell if the arts are stolen. Some buyers don’t even know the different between a designer and illustrator. Some buyers don’t even know what makes a decent logo.I’m not saying you’re those buyers, but when you go for cheap, you’ll need to educate yourself on the subject. Reviews are not always correct, the same with level. I saw top rated sellers who’re simply bad designers.

Long story short, the most important screening progress is for the seller’s past works/samples, not nationality, ranking or those in the like.


I’m a designer here on FIverr. I would suggest that you post a Request on the site, when you scan the responses, try to filter them out. Maybe by some text written the description which you wanted the respondents to start their message with.

Most of the responses are generic copied ones having no relation to your requests and requirements.
Also, the site offers the rating system which showcases the previous works and feedback of the clients.
Browse through them, contact the seller, ask for rough sketches of the logo to be designed, If you like them then order.

If the design isn’t up to the mark, ask for a refund.


One of the best things you can do is find a small task and have them do something you would consider “reasonable” without you breaking the bank.

Invest $5 or $10 in a few to see how they do on something small, and assume it’s “recruiter” investment. You may invest $50 finding a couple who do what they say, and legit work.

The other factors to consider: How long have they been on the platform (“Join date” is shown on their profile) and total review count. Obviously, higher review count, and being around a while is helpful, but not always accurate in terms of quality. (I’ve been on Fiverr less than a year, but have years of experience prior to Fiverr in my category…)

If they are really above average, some of their packages or options often have premium pricing. If EVERYTHING they offer is cheap, I’m not hiring them. (Your mileage may vary.)


thanks to everyone for their feedback! i definitely learned a couple of things and will be using some of the suggestions you guys gave me. take care and if you’re a designer that want’s me to look at their portfolio get in touch!