New to Fiverr and Having Hard Time Getting Sales


Hello Peers,
Hope you all are doing well.
I am new to fiverr and having a hard to get new sales. I registered back in april,2017 and have completed 2 orders so far with 5 star rating.
I want more orders, please give me some tips on how to promote my gigs.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Solution Wizard.


@solutionwizard Please remove your Fiverr id link from the post. For the using your link you may flagged. Hope for the best.


@graphicsdunia thank you very much for your valuable input. I did not know about this fact.
Thank you again for informing me.
Can you please visit my page and suggest me how can I improve my profile.


Just so you know: In your tagline you spelt “Guaranteed” wrong. You have “Gauranteed”.


Don’t upset dear. I have visit your id. Nice gig you have prepared. Unique gig. For getting more sale you can follow.

  1. Research higher seller gig like your gig. Take idea but Don’t copy please.
  2. Try to keep yourself in online more time. You can use fiverr apps.
  3. Send daily buyer request.
  4. Provide best service.
  5. After sales service or modification.
  6. Share your gig in social media. You can share your gig in the forums “My Fiverr Gig” category"
  7. Deliver in time with keeping good communication.
    Happy Fiverring.::slight_smile:


Hey there! I’ve looked at your gig and profile. Here are some tips:

  • write more information in your gig, if it looks like you didn’t put effort in that, people will think you won’t put effort in their work.
  • same thing with your profile
  • create more gigs in different markets (if possible)
  • if you have a portfolio mention the link in your profile. If you don’t, maybe it’s time to create one.
  • use 5 hastags, try different ones to see what works.

Maybe these will help you. Good luck!


Thank you for the valuable feedback. I will make changes as per your advise.


@graphicsdunia this is so generous of you that you have put strong efforts in advising me regarding improvements in my gig.
I will post my gig in “My Fiverr Gig” Category.
Thanks again and Best Regards.


@madebyabby I really apreciate your productive input to my post. I will make changes, put more efforts and make my gigs more good looking.
Thanks and Best Regards.