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New to Fiverr and how to sell my first gig



I am new to Fiverr and have few gig already. When I see statistics of my gigs then I see plenty of impressions, views and clicks but no sale yet.

I am already using my twitter(**************) account to promote my gigs and facebook(very new to facebook too for such stuff) to some extends but still no sales.

I also posted an ad on local classified site such as kijiji but no sale. How can I start selling my gigs on Fiverr and newbie?

Please help me out to get going here on Fiverr.

Thank you

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I remember when I started a bit over a year ago on Fiverr, I too was anxious to get sales and start my freelance career. However, it took 45 days to get my first order.

I wish I had the help of Paul the :male_detective:t3: back then. Paul has been working on the mystery of how to be a successful seller on Fiverr. He has put together over :three::eight: different posts on this sought after :mag: topic on the Forum. So, while you wait for a seller to discover your gigs, keep busy reading and applying the information you will find in Pauls worthwhile collection of posts. :wink:


Thanks for your reply. I am not sure about Paul and where can his post be found? @vickiespencer


Here you go! @amdigitals No problem @vickiespencer , I got you covered (sorry for intervening though)


Oh my, I got so into writing about Paul, I forgot to attach his post, but I see @hanshuber16 already helped you! :blush:


Dear 1st of all you have find some special skills of you and the research on fiver and here you will get a lot of idea about how to make your give more interesting than others. after this make some good gig that has demand on market.
Now comes the main part marketing, you have to share your gig in different socal media an try to do some seo as well so that your gig come in the first page.
and also try to improve your English because you have to make a good relation with client
That’s it, hope this will help you. :heart_eyes:
Best of luck💜