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New to fiverr and I need help with my gig

Hello I am new to fiverr and I would like some advice on how to get my first fiverr sale and how I can improve my fiverr gig. If anyone wants to contact me via the fiverr contacts or by replying to this thread, then feel free to. Thanks :slight_smile:


Welcome to Fiverr and the forum!

It might not be the best idea to use the logo of Adobe After Effects as your profile image.

I realize it is related to the service you provide, but it does not convey any originality, individuality, and may be perceived as a warning sign to potential buyers that this seller has a habit of copying and using other people’s work/property.


Thanks for letting me know I will change it ASAP :slight_smile:

Edit: I changed my profile picture to a picture of a hike I did when I was in the US for a month, hopefully it changes soon

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Welcome to Fiverr Forum Family. best of luck.

READ more than 16 minutes of the forum.

“How to get my first Fiverr sale” is a topic that has been asked hundreds of times and has already been answered. Use the SEARCH function to find those threads.


STOP SPAMMING the forum with your useless link to your Gig.

I guess you do not understand how unprofessional you appear.


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Hi @koby_kb44
Wellcome to fiverr forum :slight_smile:
I’m also new here

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

welcome to fiverr family.