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New to Fiverr and I Want to Find Customers!


What do you think of my new gig for proofreading services? I tried using Fiverr a few years ago, but I was super new to copy writing and editing. I’ve honed in my skills a lot since then!

I’d love to hear what Fiverr pros have to say about my ad. Any ideas to get more attention from customers?


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Hey @shaunwrites,

I saw your gig. I looks pretty good but you should keep optimizing. For example, use some highlights and strong fonts (bold) to get the attention of clients. Invest in a professional gig video too.

Also, I know many sellers in the proofreading and editing niche and they generally sell lower-priced gigs. Take the market price into consideration knowing that you have no ratings.

My advice would be to lower your prices a little bit to get some sales and as your profile grows, you can raise your prices.

Good luck!

Thanks for your input! Although I don’t believe in lowering my prices in order to attract customers, I’ll take some time to optimize the ad more. I’m glad that you commented because I was wondering how well Fiverr’s system picks up on SEO.

Since you’re into SEO— I figure you must have some pro tips!

Apart from the five keywords that we get to choose for the ad, what are other ways to optimize on Fiverr?

Many thanks in advance!

In terms of offering additional low-priced items in order to get good ratings, now we’re talking!

Do you have any thoughts on low-priced gigs I could offer to attract business? What have you seen work with your editing/writing friends?

Good luck in your business endeavors,


Many people who look for proofreaders and editors have a blog. If you have some experience with CMS, you can offer an extra for uploading content to their sites.

As per gig SEO, the main things are the title, description, url, and tags. Also important, the category, subcategories, etc…

The key is to get into a small niche, build your reputation, and later on expand into other niches.

SEO expert tip:

Go to and lookup for “proofreading for”, you will get a lot of related keywords of micro niches. Check in Fiverr to see if there is competition and if sellers have some stars which means people are buying them. You are better off targeting those long-tail keywords and ranking on first page than targeting the whole proofreading niche where there are thousands of sellers.

Good luck!

Oh man, you really helped me think this one through! Thanks!

I had a chuckle browsing keywords, and picked a few long-tail, but I don’t know if I should mix it up to pick a few high-traffic kw, as well.

Then, I added a new gig that’s super affordable, and it’s a good deal, for I’m promoting to new clients and they get a deal.

I took a break, and when I came back to work, I had a breakthrough. I’m working on a luxury service gig, and I have you to thank for making me realize that I should create a few more offerings! The luxury gig will showcase more of my personality and my personal career goals.

I’m also thinking of rebranding to have a more corporate appeal, but I don’t want to lose the personal touch because I think it will be appealing to have an actual creative writer (i.e. novelist) work on the team.