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New to Fiverr and looking for advice

Hi, I’ve just started my profile and posted my first gig! I’m offering Photoshop Editing which is relatively competitive. Any advice on how to stand out and get views? Thanks!


Hey welcome to fiverr. Hope you doing well here.if you want to promote your gigs you can share your gigs link on social media platform.also always active on fiverr is matter your promoting and first reply for your buyers


As you’ve acknowledged, you are in a highly, highly competitive field.

While I actually agree with your pricing strategy (one photo edited for $5), the problem you’re going to face is that there are sellers offering 10 photos / 50 photos / 100 photos edited for $5. It’s crazy, but search and you’ll find thousands of sellers like this.

So the only way you are going to win is based on quality. However, I’m sorry to say that having just two very ordinary examples in your gallery is very unlikely to result in an order.

You’re not demonstrating variety. You’re going to need at least half a dozen very different photos for that. And to be quite honest, looking at the fairground ride example, it’s very difficult to tell which side is the improvement. The left side is a bit dark but acceptable, whereas the right side is oversaturated and uncomfortably light.

You need to really focus on providing high quality examples and more of them.


There are already many posts on this topic,
Please do a search.
Hope you will get you all answer.
And best of luck for your future journey


Thank you I’ll have a look! Best of luck to you too

Thank you! I have a lot of better examples which were too large to upload at the time I created the gig which I will be compressing and adding. You’ve been really helpful, thank you :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure to do that, thanks!

Welcome to Fiverr, I would strongly suggest that you keep on checking the buyer request section for orders. That is how you get orders.

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