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New to Fiverr and looking for help

Hi there
I’ve started posting my Graphic designs for YouTuber’s, or twitch streamers and was wondering if other more experienced designers could give me some tips on how I could improve my work
Before I posted on Fiverr, I would just create these types of things for friends and there YouTube channels who all said my work was very good, so I thought I could start putting it up on Fiverr to try to make a bit of money


Hi There,

Bases on what i see…, Here is my honest view:

You still need to improve your skill first.
This is a good for newbie, but not as good as professional designer :frowning:
it doesn’t match with your price.
There are tons of “new logo designer” in fiverr…, and they offer for $5 each ( Just WOW)
Youtube Thumbnail is same…, just $5 each.

and you gigs offer logo and youtube thumbnail?
Better to separate this, one gig for logo, and other for youtube thumbnail

and the second gigs, you need to build a better gig thumbnail too

Best of Luck,


Hi, Wish a good luck for you.

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Best of luck to fiverr network. Hope for the best.

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Thank you very much for the feedback
Especially on the pricing
However do you have any other tips for the actual work itself? As in something’s I could improve on with my YouTube banner S

Best of luck :heart:

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Best wishes for you… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have nice journey!!!

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Every designer have their own strength point.

Some is comfortable with Minimalism, some Vintage,
other comfortable with business theme design, other for feminim, or have strength with layout.
You must know what is your most strength point.

Don’t try to grab all the market at the beginning.

Wish you luck :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tips and explaining how to setup up my “office” on Fiverr so that I can get more offers.
Much appreciated!