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New to Fiverr and Looking for people to Provide a guaranteed Lead

Hi, I’m Tabby,

I’m new here and not sure where to look. I’m trying to make some extra money for my dogs vet bill and am looking for some people who would be willing to be paid $5 to sign up for a bank account with my link. The bank is also offering a $50 bonus to individuals who open an account if they make THREE purchases within the first 45 days, and on day 50 you’ll get $50 credited to your account. I need NEW CUSTOMERS of Capital One 360 previously Ing!

People can open the account with as little as a penny. They must be US residents and have a SSN.

Now how does this workout for me? Well that’s because Capital One 360 is also giving out a $20 referral bonus (up to $1000) for each new account that signs up.

It is a fee free bank account, it’s harmless and they can cancel right after they sign up or wait the 50 days for the $50 , they might need an external banking account to transfer some money in, a SSN, and be in the United States. They ask for all the things banks ask for when you sign up. This is a legit bank. I will give $5 out of my $20 referral. I just really need to take my 12 year old golden to the vet for his arthritis, and an eyelid issue. I don’t know where to look here. I’ve sold all I have for his previous treatments and am just straight out of extra cash. Does anyone know any sellers offering this service, or can do this.

Thank you for any help.