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New to Fiverr and looking for tips

Hi! So I am new to Fiverr, and I need some help! How can I get started? I posted my gigs, but I’m not sure how to receive traffic and revenue. Is there something more I can do?

I appreciate the feedback! Thank you.

I am an experienced writer and mostly offer proofreading, critiquing and essay writing.

Hi, Amber.

The Fiverr Academy has always been a great resource for beginners. We all started at some point, and those patient enough to go through the Academy are seeing positive results.

A few ideas, though, to help you:

    Complete your profile. No one will trust you, much less the services you offer if you don't have a completely filled, verified profile.
    Decide on a niche. Learn which skills you're best at, and offer that on Fiverr.
    Make clear, scalable gigs. For many of us, Fiverr is a business, so it should be easily accessible by our customers and, from the backend, can be easily automated, and thusly, scaled up. Everybody wins.
    As for traffic, you've gotta put yourself out there. Go on forums. Go on blogs (in your case, probably writing ones). If you own a blog, you can promote gigs there too. Here's a practical tip everyone ignores: if you have friends who are in need of your services, go ask them to buy some from you. It's almost a sure-fire way to get a positive rating on your profile.

Hope these help. If you want to look through my Fiverr profile, feel free to do so, too. Oh, and welcome to the community!


Hey, I just started on Fiverr 4 days ago and started getting my first sales after two days of constant gig editing and experimentation. One of the things that I learned is that it helps to think about what kinds of instructions you would need in order to complete a great gig for someone. Thinking about your gig from the reverse side (the buyer’s) helps think about the kinds of details to include in a gig to help them understand the value beyond a few dollars they’ll be getting. Bullet points are your friend. Anything and everything you can list as a skill - list it. List the word processing program experience you have. You’re an academic writer. Do you know MLA format? Chicago style citations? Every other style citation? Research? Dewy Decimal, blah blah blah. I’m not an academic writer, so I don’t even know if any of that stuff applies, but It really helps the buyer establish trust when you make this clear on your profile page. Don’t forget to brag about your typing speed and accuracy. You can find that out for free on sites like And, of course, since you’re pricing in tiers you should give the most expensive gig the most features. Hope this helps! Good luck.


Welcome! Like yourself, I’m also a writer and started here on Fiverr about 10 months ago. There’s a lot of us here, so the process of landing a few sales and building a reputation can be slow-go and sometimes frustrating. However, if you stick it out, it can also be rewarding. It just takes infinite amounts of hustle and patience. I wrote a few posts here in the forum that detailed my first few months (here’s a link to one of them :

The forums are a great place to look for ideas, and the Fiverr Academy can serve as a tremendous resource as well. If you’d like, you’re always welcome to message me, and I’d be more than happy to share any tips or ideas that have worked for me, and you may have some wonderful ideas I can glean as well!

P.S. My fiancee is from South Florida as well, so I have a soft spot for you guys!

All best,

Hey. I am also new on fiverr and would like to share some thoughts.
It is important that you find out what clients needs are.This way you will be able to customize your gigs according to your customer needs.Check out some custom made gigs here Thank you

Also new to Fiverr. How about checking out my account?
Make sure to post your profiles too, so that I can have a look at them as well!

Awesome, but why typing speed and accureacy related with that?
Thank you