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New to fiverr and no buyer request

Dear Friends,
I am new to fiverr and my profile does not show any buyer request from the beginning. Can you please tell me is there a any certain criteria we have to full fill to get buyer request.?


You should visit the buyer request page several times a day.
Make sure you have tagged correctly

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At first make sure you have created a gig. If it’s not showing buyer request, maybe there is no buyer request on that catagory your gig is.

Buyer request shown not 24 hours. There is some fixed hours to show buyer request. So you have to check. I have answered from my experience. Thanks :smiley:



Ofcource! :thinking::thinking: Buyer Requests are showing very little these days. I don’t know why? :thinking::slightly_frowning_face:
Today, I have not been shown any Buyer Request :cry::cry::cry:

@lloydsolutions sent this to me when I asked about it from members of the forum.


Thank you very much for your reply

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Very helpful…

nuralamriaz Thank you very much

photocutter92 Thank you very much for your reply

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sldesign937 I will check my tags …Thank you.