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New to fiverr and only get spam messages about China

I joined Fiverr less than two weeks ago and I’ve gotten eleven messages. And all of them are spam.

Is Fiverr a joke? I only get messages from people claiming to be from China and they’re all offering elaborate schemes to pay me to let them use my Upwork account.

Why am I here if I only get these messages from Fiverr, Fiverr lets these kind of people in and gives them the ability to message me, and even though I’m professional in my industry with an amazing resume/CV, experience and skills I never get an answer about being part of Fiverr “Pro?”

Seriously, have I wasted my time doing all the work I did setting up gigs, adding options, and creating FAQs in detail for each of them?


I don’t want to sound negative but here’s the fact: The number of genuine buyers on Fiverr keep dwindling. It’s more like a 5-1 ratio of sellers to buyers and more spammy buyers too. So, really a 5-0.5

Yes, I checked the “Tips for buyers” section and the last update was posted about 3 weeks ago. It’s like a dry place.

If you’re a professional, then you should have your own website and branding and put more effort on promoting that.