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New to Fiverr and Struggle to Make Payment

I have been using Fiverr services for a while, but i always somehow make payment outside Fiverr. I use Bitcoin or some form of wire transfer. I decided to start paying through Fiverr myself cause of the big restrictions of Paypal and other international payment in my country, Nigeria.

I am struggling to make payment even when my debit card is added. I really need help cause i have a project that`s very important.


Well, in Nigeria using PayPal is only to make payment not to receive payment but I don’t why you couldn’t make a payment with PayPal. Try contacting PayPal customer support if you have a account PayPal but couldn’t send money.

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So, you’ve been violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and the sellers who accepted to be paid outside of Fiverr could have been banned (or maybe were banned, for all we know).

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