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New to Fiverr and the majority of buyer requests are exploitative or creepy

Just became a seller this past week and have been actively checking the buyer requests as a voice actor.

Most of the requests I’ve seen have been creepy requests for female voices, foot fetish nsfw stuff and/or long ass scripts with a budget of $10.

Like, I want to start booking work but not THAT bad. I know there’s people that’ll do these unfair, exploitative gigs because I see that there’s offers sent for it but when I think about what’s going into the final product that gets sent off, the payout is abhorrently low.

One request I saw, the person said you have to provide a voice over for video that is 8.5 hours long, but there’s no script, you’ll just have to write it out yourself I guess. That part wasn’t clear. What was clear was that the budget was $100 and I had so many questions in my head that I eventually told myself, this isn’t even worth the headache of inquiring about. I removed that request.

Have any of you had similar experiences or if you have any general responses to what I wrote is appreciated. Thanks Fiverr fam


The great thing about buyer requests is anyone can send a request out about their jobs directly to sellers. This is also the worst part as some people send strange or very under-priced jobs. In the graphic design category some of the buyer requests are just ridiculous. (“Budget” of 20 dollars for a 1000+ project)

Now I just ignore 90% of requests. I think it can be useful for your first few sales to get the orders and reviews in but once you’ve grown on the site a bit more I would rely on the buyer requests as little as possible.


Ah, buyer requests. It’s a swamp with the odd serious buyer swimming around. In my time on Fiverr I’ve had a grand total of 2 jobs from the BR section. Both were actually decent clients but I only used it to get my gig off the ground and a couple of reviews under my belt. I’ve never bothered with it since unless I fancy a fun read.

I’m also in the voice over category and the vast majority of requests are nuts. Audiobooks of thousands of words for $5 along with “DO NOT ASK FOR MORE MONEY”, or requests to record content which is pretty disgusting. I even had a direct message from someone who had posted in BR asking me to record a script for “personal use”, I won’t share the details but I’m sure you can imagine. I could go on and on about the job posts in there.

Most serious and established sellers I know of stay well clear of BR. Unfortunately, no matter how outrageous and cheap the requests are, they still get a lot of offers.


Well, when you are just starting out, even though you have experience, the 5 and 10 dollar BR are a must. As newbies, we have to start from the bottom. I have done some really tough 10 dollar gigs. Some of them will send more words than you agreed to and that hurts especially when it is a 5 dollar order and they want a revision because they feel that you did not put enough expression into the read. Even though I did not agree to a revision, I did it anyway to keep the buyer happy. This is a new business for us and you don’t get to ride the stallion on your first race.We have to prove that we are worthy.

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