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New to fiverr and would love to have advice


am new to fiverr so am not sure how this exactly works but hopefully i can find customers
this is it


Sifting through and reading the forum would be a good place to start :slight_smile:


will do so
thank you


Meet your newest bestie - sorry to disappoint not Austin Powers but (Fiverr Academy) :anchor:


Welcome. Just looked at your gig and there is really no way to give logos free as the buyer has to order and pay. Also to give the logo free would not allow you to get a review so would not help your business. Maybe reduce your prices until you move up the levels. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Your title is misleading :confused:
What do you mean by free logo?


Logo Design / Photo Editing / Manipulation /

just don’t hesitate to contact me.