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New to Fiverr, are scams common?

So I’ve made a good rep on Upwork and I thought I’d give Fiverr a try for toy design and development work. I was surprised to find a good chunk of spam bots, and people sending google docs links asking me to borrow my Upwork account to conduct business.

Are these common? I don’t find this kind of issue on Upwork as it requires you to be verified, as it keeps a lot of the scum at bay. Yet Fiverr doesn’t have that system?


Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately scams are very common on Fiverr.

Fiverr verifies some sellers, but at the moment, it doesn’t verify buyers.

Buyers get suspended for violating the TOS, but it’s not really that hard to make a new burner account. Those intent on scamming will come back after being banned.

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It seems a little disappointing that there is no real protection on both sides of the transaction. I’d hate to be on the receiving end of a buyer looking for free work (from “unsatisfactory services” as some like to do)

How can I ensure I get paid and get proportional reviews? I have incredibly positive reviews on one site, I’d hate for it to be the opposite here because of the platform.

Scams are not common of fiverr. Just as you knew they were scams so do most people.

Since this is an open messaging system on the internet where anyone can join and send messages, it’s open and along with the benefits of that, you also can get some who try to take advantage of it.

When i see message and doc file, i block them. No time to waste with them,.