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New to Fiverr, asking for help

Hi there!

Nice to meet you, I’m new here on Fiverr, could you please help me with how things work to be a successful seller?

Thanks for any useful links/articles or your personal experiences you can offer :wink:

Thank you for your time, Have a wonderful day!!! :slight_smile:


Oh jeez how to enter and make a poor impression.

You have read here for 1 minute and expect people to tell you how this works. We are your competitors. At worst we will give you silly advice (believe me many will like: online fiberr forum active all time) or simply see you as a silly colleague. At best maybe you will be ignored.

This whole Forum is there to be read. Every day things happen (often the same silly/sad things like this) and people explain how it works, what to do, what not to do. Go read some of that today, some more tomorrow. Fiverr themselves have starter courses and things to read - I am horrified if you go this far without reading them (even tho they are dull and very Capt Obvious). I worry that maybe you didn’t even read the TOS - that is like running off a cliff as you shout, Look Ma see how clever I am!!!

If you write Code and you want to sell that you have a lot to do or you will get rolled up in a rug and dunked. Surely you must know better than this before you start writing a program. or at least i hope so or that will be messy code with bugs crawling everywhere.


lol thank you for your reply, i was just asking for others opinions though, i know what to take and what not to take from it :wink:

BTW i have gone through Fiverr’s beginner course, and didn’t help :sweat_smile:

Opinions are like anything. Only worth something if you know what to do with them.

Opinions on what. I can say make a great gig, have a nice life. how much better off are you? I can pretend I was nice to you but you know no more.

So what is it that you think that you need to know that the basic course failed to deliver for you?


I’m pretty sure i can write clean code(without bugs) :grinning:

checkout my work here :

Your user name…likely won’t inspire much confidence to prospective buyers, noob_code_r.

User names normally don’t matter at all in regards to seller performance, but this is a case were it might prove detrimental. Some other example names that might also prove detrimental are:


and so on… :laughing:


I did all of what is said on the course, still didn’t get any orders though… I have shared my GIG blah blah etc. But still no luck :neutral_face:

Thank you, is there anyway to change it? I’m not sure…

Unfortunately, no. Would need to close your existing account and create a new account from scratch to rename your profile.

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Thank you i’ll do that, i’ll use proper name next time… Thank you for helping me out :grinning:


This is what I meant, straight off a cliff with a rather silly name.

You need to have a plan BEFORE you do things or they break.


just saying :laughing:

I too feel the same way if i look at my name :laughing:

Good. See we both helped. Even if it wasn’t always fun at the time.

Welcome to freelancing.

Now go get a proper username like: IWorshipSatan Nothing could go wrong with that LOL.

Maybe use your actual name. People buy people not objects or technology (see, more useful advice).


LOL very helpful :joy:

YouTube, yes just watching videos will help you in this forum not asking in the forum. Look out for false content. Watch channels like Fiverr talks a millionaire from fiverr

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Same here :dizzy_face: no buyer request, no order… 60days

I feel you bro, may be it’s all a scam? :thinking:

I think it’s not a scam. We need to make more effort. Are you also a programmer and graphics designer?

Coding is my thing :wink:

and you?

I do mobile and web programming. Also, I do graphics designs.

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