New to fiverr, best ways to get sales?


Hello, I’m new to Fiverr and I have just made my first gig, I would like to know the best way to get sales and how to improve my gig, thanks.


Congratulation on your first gig. I suggestion would be to promote your gig in every social platform possible like Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn, Google Plus etc and you should submit buyer request to get touch with buyers and most important to be patient and build your business carefully. Best of luck.


Hello, sorry that I get into the conversation, but how often need to make reposts? One per day?
And its dont matter if i dont have any friends on facebook and i dont have any followers on twitter? TX


You can post as many time as you want on every platform but not the same message. You can’t post similar content on Twitter twice so you will have to alter every time you post in one day. Please be social on social platform to promote your gig even further. I hope it will help. Thanks


Thanks for the help guys, I got my first order about 2 hours after making my account, I guess I had some good timing.


u got ur first gig now u also get another so on