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New to Fiverr but Experienced. How to get sales?

Hi everyone, I’m very new to Fiverr but have a lot of experience in things like photoshop and logo/graphic design. If you guys wanna check out my photoshop gig and my logo gig would be much appreciated :slight_smile: More examples for photo editing are on my website linked :slight_smile:

You might want to check Terms as my understanding was that you cannot direct people off-site to your website etc. I’ll be delighted in this is not the case but if your web & email are not ok, you could find yourself getting pinged.

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Good catch, Benedictrm. You’re right.

OP, here’s a list of sites we’re allowed to link to in our gig descriptions:


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Ah I see, I must have misunderstood the terms, fixed it now. Thank you!

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