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New to Fiverr but worried about age

I am under 18 and I am fine with selling on fiverr as I have looked through the terms of service. However, are people on the platform going to take me seriously? Or are they going to assume I can’t do what they want right and just move on to someone else? I don’t know. I know that sometimes older people will not trust younger people so I want to know if it applies here. If so, how can I try to change that stereotype?


You don’t have any gigs on display.

Check out: for all you need to get started on Fiverr.

If you offer a professional service you will make sales, whatever your age.

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You shouldn’t mention your age anywhere on your profile, only your qualifications. If you communicate well and deliver good work, there is nothing else about you that’s anyone else’s business but your own.


Age doesn’t matter, as long as you stay professional.
I will concede that with age comes experience, and that experience can be invaluable in dealing with the issues and problems that come up on this platform. If you’ve had any sort of work history, be it babysitting or mowing neighborhood lawns or even a lemonade stand, you already have an idea of customer service and serving a client’s needs. Freelancing is difficult, but you’re young enough that you can afford to make a few small mistakes, as you’ll have time to recover from them.


I know at least one seller who visits the Forum from time to time who started when he was 15, and now he is a Top Rated Seller. I agree with what others have said. It is best not to mention your age in your profile or gigs.