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New to Fiverr, constant Spam messages?

I am new to Fiverr, and I have noticed that ALL of the inquires so far have been spam/scam accounts? Wanting to meet on $kype, and asking for a bunch of personal information upfront? Is this a constant thing I should expect while using this site, or is it just more common when you are just starting out.

Excited for my first actual job interest! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums.
Nope, not a new thing. Yes, newcomers are targeted. As for if it’s constant, it seems to depend on a few factors. Some claim the spam does diminish if you put your minimum price at $10, and some of it just vanishes as the profile ages. Others claim that it can increase again as you start getting larger numbers of reviews, while others say it’s categories and/or countries that are targeted.

Maybe something in these can help?


Hey, I notice that some time people post project in Fiverr. When seller send buy request. They contact back and some time they asked give a sample work for my work then I give you work. At this situation send your previous work. Some time they asked contact outside Fiverr and others resources. There is solution of these issues. Contact Fiverr costumer support and report and block these buyers.

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Hey guys, Im new on fiverr discussion forum, but I have been buying gigs on Fiverr for a few months. I think this thread is the perfect opportunity to ask this question! I, too, have been getting spam messages when I send out offers. As an example, I sent out an order to find a U.S. based lawyer to send a cease&desist letter for me, what I got instead was many non-U.S. based graphic designers with no law degree sending me sales offers. It gets really grating.

But is it generally frowned upon, if a buyer contacts a seller directly to inquire about possible gig work to be done? I.E. asking lawyers on Fiverr if they can provide a certain legal service such as cease&desist writing, etc.

As a seller, most of my sales have come from buyers reaching out directly to me. This is certainly not frowned upon; if anything it’s a good sign that they are serious about the inquiry.

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I thought so because I received a warning from Fiverr telling me not to reach out to buyers. They told me that I sent out unsolicited messages and that goes against the Terms of Service? I looked through it and didnt find anything that violated it.

Sellers contacting buyers is not permitted. Buyers looking for sellers is.

If you do contact a sell about a service they offer, be sure to mention it in the first message.

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Welcome on fiverr and wish you all the best.

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I just want to suggest that always have the conversation in English so if anything happens fiverr can understand that u didnt do anything against the fiverr rules only the other person tried to insist you.