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New to Fiverr - Couple Quick Questions

Hi everyone, couple of quick questions.

  1. How do I adjust my profile picture? When I upload a pic, it will not allow me to center it.
  2. I want to use a certain pic for my profile pictures but whenever I upload, it is removed because it “appeared not to be an original image.” It is 100% my own image.



  1. Images can’t be centered. You will have to upload already centered/adjusted image.

  2. You should contact Customer Support about that issue. :sunny:

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Thanks. I’ll contact them.

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I think this is because of the automated image comparison Fiverr uses. If you run an image through a reverse image search there is a good chance it will find anything even similar. I’ve run into that problem when using an image with a very light or very dark background. The same seems to happen with very cluttered images. You might have to take a clear picture of yourself with the image filling as much of the profile window as possible. Support might be able to help, but that’s what seems to happen.

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Exactly what I was thinking. It’s a dog photo and when reversed searched, appears on a number of different wallpaper websites. Sent customer support a message. Hopefully they can sort it out for me.

I would really suggest just using a better image. Good luck.

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