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New to Fiverr, does here can only post 7 sercices?


i am a china servicer, but i have many other services to provide, how to solve this problems


I can’t Find the problem here. can you please clear What You extly want to Ask? you can provide your Service Anytime From All over the World , you need to create gigs for your Service. if you have 5 Service to provide, you need to create 5 gigs!



hi , if i want to create 10 services here , is this possible?


Yes Possible if You are 1st level Seller.
1st level seller can Create Up to 10 Gigs!


1st level Seller 's maximum quantity is 10 gigs ? can i register 2 accounts on fivver?


You are only allowed 1 active account per person (if the account is for an individual - I think someone had an account for a business and 1 for themselves). Having more than 1 active account is against the TOS and is likely to get you in trouble.

See the terms of service. It says “users are limited to one active account. Any additional account determined to be created to circumvent guidelines, promote competitive advantages, or mislead the Fiverr community will be disabled…”.

Also for levels, at first you are allowed 7 active gigs, then when you get to Level 1 you can haved 15 active gigs.


New Seller | 7 Gigs

Level One Seller | 15 Gigs

Level Two Seller | 20 Gigs

Top Rated Seller | 30 Gigs


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