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New to Fiverr, first order?


Hi! My name is Danielle! I am adding new gigs everyday, and currently have one posted. If someone buys my gig and leaves me a great rating, I promise you will get the best poem/short story every and will always have my love! Leave some tips if you want on how I can improve my account. What made you get clients? Pros and cons?


keep patience! and use buyer request option everyday.


Paul the :cowboy_hat_face: has rounded up a corral full of good information for new sellers! :racehorse:


Use buyer request and add your gig social media platforms.


first of all, calm down and think positive
I saw your profile and you just added 2gigs only add 7gigs and then marketing them on social media every day, you need more clicks in your gigs after that keep eye on your buyer request section

If you do that properly then you can able to get an order instantly :wink: :wink:



Thank you! I will keep that in mind!


Best service provide always & try sharing your gig on Social platform


This is like saying ‘Buy a piano and you are the next Elton John’.




Cheers to that! :tropical_drink:

OMG, you crack me up! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: