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New to Fiverr from Scotland

Hiii, I have no idea how to work anything on here but happy to be involved, please don’t bully me :))


Welcome to Fiverr! I hope you enjoy it. The best advice I can give is if anytime someone tries to do business with you outside of fiverr please politely decline. Normally it will be for the wrong reasons…


Welcome to the Fiverr Forum.

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Welcome to fiverr forum…

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don’t worry, I’m also new to fiverr and still struggling to get customers :smile: :blush:

Welcome!! We are glad to have you here.

Start things off by reading ToS so you know how things work on Fiverr.

BTW you got a cool drawing style.


Welcome to Fiverr forum

Welcome to the Fiverr family. Always stay active. Grow your own portfolio. Communicate well with buyers. I hope you will be successful soon.
Happy Freelancing

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welcome to fiverr family. Hopefully there will be a successful freelancer.

Welcome to Fiverr forum

Welcome here and wish you good luck… :slightly_smiling_face:

Warm welcome to fiverr forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile:

Welcome to FIverr :heart:

Welcome to amazing community :slight_smile:

welcome :sunglasses:

Hi, welcome to the forum.

welcome to Fiverr,wish you all the best.

welcome to fiverr community :slight_smile:

Welcome :two_hearts:

welcome to fiverr family. Best of luck