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New to Fiverr: Gig Ranking System

Hi there, I’m new to Fiverr and was hoping to get some insight into the GRS (Gig Ranking System).

I just recently posted my first gig and decided to see where it was positioned.
I first tried browsing a few corresponding categories but couldn’t find my gig anywhere. I then attempted searching it using the associated keywords but still came to no avail.

I’m rather confused as to why this could be and left wondering what I can do to make my gig visible or rather to increase its viability/position in the GRS.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated!

P.S. I have checked and my gig is published & active.

Where did you get the term GRS? I haven’t seen that anywhere in Fiverr’s help materials or elsewhere so if it’s something new it would be useful to know. In the past, Fiverr has not made any promises or guarantees regarding anything to do with gig “ranking” or search positions. In fact, many gigs are not ever listed in search at all.

So far, if a gig is brand new and it doesn’t set off any instant red flags, it will probably be listed in search after it gets indexed. That can take a few days to a week or so. Sometimes something happens during or after the indexing time and Fiverr realizes the gig is not something they want to promote. They call that their editorial focus. If they decide the gig does not fit their editorial focus but it doesn’t not break the Terms of Service, they don’t automatically take the gig down, but they don’t promote it for you. In that case you can promote it yourself if you wish, or you can switch for a gig that is in their editorial focus.

Gigs that do end up in search are loosely positioned on a rotational system and by algorithms that Fiverr doesn’t share publicly. In general things like sales, good reviews, traffic, good related keywords, and uniqueness may push a gig higher. You can’t rely on that in any consistent way, though. I’ve seen gigs even in the recommended column that are fairly new and have some 1 star reviews on them. So, if there is an actual “GRS” or “Gig Ranking System” I’ve never heard of it.

Since there’s been no further reply, topic is closed.

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