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New to fiverr guide me friends

Hi friends,

I am a software engineer but i didn’t work as an engineer any more , I am more passionate about designing , drawing and that led to me here. I hope you will support me guys.

This is my profile please have a look and suggest if i need to change something,

This is my new gig - turn your portrait in disney cartoon style


I have moved your post to “My Fiverr Gigs” where this type of thread belongs. :wink:

Well, I would say, approach your profile from the buyers point of view. Answer their question, “What’s in it for me?” Describe what types of paintings and cartooning you can do.

Good start on the Disney style cartooning gig. Like every buyer, I’ll look at the main image of the gig to see if it’s the style I want. Let’s say I like your style, but then I see you want a photo and I immediately know it’s a portrait gig. That’s fine, but still, I don’t want a portrait, I want it for something else. I’ll either move on or I’ll click your screen name to see if you offer any other gigs for a different buyer. If there’s nothing else there, then I move on.

That’s the POV of customer Fulton. I don’t represent all buyers.

If you have any art that’s high quality and really different from the different gigs, post it. Best way to get peoples attention.

So you have to know what you want to offer and how much of a varied clientele you want to reach out to.

Oh, opt-in on Notifications in Account Settings. Big mistake for New Sellers is they don’t opt-in. You want to know when a customer messages you, especially for the first time.

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Thanks for your guidance , I will work on to provide varied service to serve clients better.

You are most welcome and wishing you successful journey over here

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