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New to Fiverr, Hello Everyone I'm not getting orders WHY?

Hi to all fiverr fourm friends, about a month ago i joined the Fiverr and i offer wordpress services but i don’t get orders
Would you please give me advice that how i can get orders
Thanks in advance

check out the hundreds of other posts asking the same thing, awesome tips

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I recommend you start by reading the Fiverr Academy:

You need to do research on your own in order to learn how to be successful here on Fiverr. The information is there; it’s not hard to find. Please take responsibility for your own success, rather than expecting us to make you successful. Your gigs are YOUR business. Think like a businessman, and work hard to build your brand. Fiverr requires hard work. Those who are willing to do this hard work on a daily basis, are the sellers that tend to find success here on this site.

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Thanks all of you
but I’m confused that from where to start?
many thanks

I just told you where to start… The Fiverr Academy.

If you want to learn how to be successful on Fiverr, start there.

there you go, see the link?

Yes, I see your very LARGE link. I believe my own regular-sized link was sufficient.

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I meant that for the original poster. sorry.

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Are you promoting?

If you are not letting people outside of Fiverr know of your gigs than you are not going to be able to sell to anyone besides people inside Fiverr.

Do you stand out?

Fiverr is full of competition. Thousands of people are constantly fighting over who can provide the best quality for the lowest price. Can you compete in that marketplace?

Are you professional?

If you are not portraying an air of professionalism, than people probably will not buy your service.

There are many factors from SEO and Keywords to Marketing that determines if people want to buy your service. You’re not going to be able to make a living in a month. Sorry.