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New to Fiverr - Hello world

Hi everyone…My name is Nicole and yes I am new here like you all are. So I created my gigs and I’m seeing impressions, views and clicks. How can I change those to order?


Hey welcomeee to fiverr gurl

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Thank you mesaaa ! How has it been for you so far?

haven’t started out yet

From the title, (Hello world)
I better reply like this:

class reply {
public static void main(String,args[]){
System.out.println(“Welcome to the community”);



cout<<“JAVA”; :tired_face:

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Welcome Kareen30. I started in Feb and my first week (or even 2) my impressions seemed decent yet I didn’t get orders immediately…it did take after that time period to get some momentum but once that happened things started to really pick up. You can also utilize the buyer request section and make sure your tags are giving you added exposure. Best of luck to you!

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Can’t you see emoji?
You missed the opportunity to see my feelings, too bad for me :frowning:

Visualized feelings… I missed it :eyeglasses:

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You may wish to check your proofreading gig picture and proofread the gig description. Right now, it doesn’t inspire trust in your proofreading abilities.

Good luck!


Thank you Catwriter!

Thank you Solwonder. I may give this site a chance.

Your proofreading gigs number of words is set at “1” - you may want to fix that. No one’s going to pay $10 to have “one” word proofread.


Welcome to fiverr!

Patience is key, and keep going! Its a great site but tough to get rolling.

Welcome to the Fiverr! Family…Best of luck