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New to fiverr. Help me with 0 view


How can I get sales while my gig 0 view ?

Nobody know I open gig on fiverr. Very sad :frowning:


I think their is a bug in the views counter for gigs because I have a gig which has made me $16 so far and apparently it hasn’t had any views.


Thanks a lot for happyspace,

I will create video while I am doing sand painting art soon…




TIP No 2. I just visited your Gig. Maybe you should make it very clear that you do not use photoshop for this and that it is real art work by you. How?.. One very important thing is that your gigs have VIDEOS! Yes! Do you think you can make a video showing you doing this actual work with sand?

IMPORTANT: See the terms on Fiverr how your gig-video should be.

I do a 20 to 29 minutes (to safely keep below max which is 30 minutes) video MP4 NTSC.

all the best



Hey! Don’t panic. Mine don’t have views yet. It is natural. Thousands gigs on Fiverr!..Sometimes it takes weeks before anyone notices you. Just read on the forum posts about HOW TO… There are many ways to promote yourself. One is to use all your social media.

I will gladly have a look at your gig

Keep a happy optimistic attitude and most of all… HAVE FUN!

Last but not least. Read the Fiverr Tips on Fiverr blog - check if you have the right TAGS and the right TITLE and Category and Sub-category!

all the best,



Don’t worry! Just focus on making your gig as professional as possible!


I have some GIG witch is showing 0 views lolz, but i have delivers the order many times. So, as Bachas said, may be its really broken. So, dont panic and read blog, forum to get tips to promote your GIG :smiley: