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New to fiverr! help me

We have recently joined fiverr. We basically group of friends with good writing skills looking to make this as a full time job but we are not getting an orders on Fiverr. Please help us.

Also what are the things we need to keep in mind on Fiverr?

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@writers_bloc for you to make full time income it will take you a while and wont happen over night or even weeks. Add some videos of yourself and add more gigs. Good luck!

@biggz27 Are the videos necessary. Why would a write need to add videos?

How long does it usually take to get orders?

Reply to @writers_bloc:

Every seller’s rate of success is different. There is no one answer to your questions. Start by setting up a great gig (there are plenty of tips for doing that here on the forums), promote your gig elsewhere on the net, and even offline if applicable, and then focus on providing great service to whomever purchases your gig.

As biggs27 said, it takes time. And how long that time will be is dependent upon far too many factors that us sellers cannot fully predict. Be patient, work hard, and offer a fantastic service. Those three things will get you started on the right foot.

@writers)bloc videos are critical, self videos are best. You asked how long it takes to get orders, well no one knows that answer. Thats how it works. Fiverr is flooded with gigs, make sure to stand out.