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New to fiverr (Holland gigs)


Hi there,

I’m new to Fiverr and hope to get my first gig soon! It’s targeted at people who would like to live in Holland, so I’m crossing fingers that it’s not too narrow for the audience here on Fiverr. I will Find a House in The Netherlands for you

Any tips for me?

Good luck to everyone!


Welcome to Fiverr!
Oh, I’ve seen the picture on your Gig, I believe I cannot afford buying that “house” :cry:


Me neither :wink: But you can keep on dreaming!:kissing_heart:


@wuerz123 I’ve actually changed the picture now as I don’t want to scare away any potential buyers! Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Real estate - that’s a first. Although I never imaged to look for a house through Fiverr :slight_smile:
It’s great to see a different type of gig next to logo design and copywriting.
Welcome and best of luck!


@uxreview Thank you!

In some places in Holland it’s actually quite hard to find a house, it’s similar to the London market for example. I can imagine people hate it, but I love that kind of energy. I’m only hoping it’s not too small of a niche to get buyers for!


Well come dear wish you good luck


I did a quick search and your gig doesn’t seem to have a ton of competition :slight_smile:
Probably the only issue is that I’m not sure how many people would come to Fiverr for this service. They would probably reach out to local real estate agents.
If you’re fully commited to make a career out of this then you might want to set up your own website and promote it through social media. Writing blog articles on the local market, engaging users through real estate communities/forums etc.

That being said, Fiverr doesn’t cost anything so give it a try :wink: