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New to fiverr, how am I doing?

Hey, from your experience on fiverr can you guys tell me if my gig is doing well? I’m new to fiverr, used to do small freelance video editing projects and don’t know if fiverr is resulting for me… it’s been 3 days since i posted the gig and no orders.

I have 25 impressions so far, 9 clicks and 9 views… is that too bad? I was hoping video editing would succed for me on fiverr.

UPDATE: actually now I have 40 impressions, 15 views and clicks, things are getting better :smiley:

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You need to be patient. You cant get sell faster even there are no way to get faster.
I suggest you to closely follow fiverr TOS and to catch your perspective audience advertise your gig on social media
Also read out these tips as you have no sales now


Thanks a lot bro, and what do you think about my gig btw? Is it good enough? Because it took me a lot of hours to edit and do the description so it would be appealing… should i lower the prices even more? I think they are pretty cheap already as I did some research and I offer many features in basic package that most competitors don’t…


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Yes i have seen
I assume that you would have more gig there.

But you dont have. You can create many gig.As you know as a new seller you will be able to create 7 gig
And apply on buyer request regularly

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Did not know that, thanks!

Your gig looks great! Agree with expertexcell: I’d advise that if you’re offering translation services, splitting them into a different gig would be helpful. That way people who need that service will be able to track it down more easily.


Thanks for the advise, that’s a great idea!


Fiverr is a kick start way to start your freelance career yes it is true but you have to do patience. Some time people get order in 1 day or some times don’t get an order in a months or a year. But you have to do work hard make your gig unique and send buyer request on daily biases. Do as your buyer said. Decrease your rate and send message according to your buyer request.

Take on board the advice already offered and also check out the which is a must read for every new seller on how to become successful on Fiverr. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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