New to Fiverr. How and When is Payment Made?


I’m a new Seller on Fiverr. How does Fiverr make a payment, and how often? Do I need a PayPal account? How do I link the PayPal account to Fiverr? Thanks!


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks. I’m a newbie and have no idea about Paypal. I follow your instruction (click “Settings” --> “Account Settings”) but I just can’t find out where to add a paypal. I’ve not yet received any order, should I wait till then? Thanks again for your help!



See below


I’ve just been flicking through this as well - under my account settings there is the username and email option, but not a paypal one?

Any suggestions on how I can get this option?


@nickos18 - I’m with you! There is NO option for PayPal settings. Is it possible that in order to have this option available, you need to have at least 1 buyer? Thanks!


If I sell a service tomorrow - do I have to wait for 14-17 days before I can buy fiverr gigs with the credit?