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New To Fiverr- How Can I Improve My Gigs?


Hi, everyone! I’ve only been on Fiverr for a week or so, but all of my gigs have gotten quite a few impressions, clicks, and views- but absolutely no orders!

Obviously, I don’t expect customers to just flock to me; I know I have to work to build interest in my services. I just… Don’t know what I need to work on, if that makes sense? Obviously my gigs are lacking somewhere, but I figured it would be easier to get some outside opinions on what I should improve!

I’ve been self-advertising on the social media platforms where I typically get my commissions/freelance gigs, but still, no luck. I have three active gigs… Could anyone more experienced take a look at them and give me some advice on how to improve my visibility (and desirability?)

Thank you so much!

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Many people have found this advice useful.


You sell artwork. I wouldn’t expect costumers to flock to you either. Costumers want costumes; you don’t sell costumes. But customers, sure, they might be interested in your services.

Please be mindful of your English. “Customers” and “costumers” are not the same thing. :wink:


That is very useful advice! Though, I have seen some people say that editing your gigs is about as good as shooting them in the head… Should I get rid of my current ones and make new, better, more targeted ones?


Ah, the dreaded typo. :joy: Yes, I suppose you’re correct; I shouldn’t expect any costumers to head my way. :sweat_smile: