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New To Fiverr How do I grow Business?


Hello Everyone, I’m New to the Space, I’ve been in the Music Industry for some years now and have had sucess, but I’m looking to work from home now that my wife and I are looking to start a family any good tips for advertisement? and creating traction?


I have one big one and important one: you have 13min read time. To become successful freelancer you need to invest your time in YOUR business. Without that you wouldn’t be able to reach certain level. I’m always keeping a formula: 50/25/25. Which means 50% time on orders, 25% of time for marketing, 25% of time for business development and new offerings.

So I would advice to start at least with reading this forum a bit longer and you’ll be amazed how many good advises you might find here.

Good luck.


To start business on fiverr you must need to create at last 5 to 7 gig in a topic. Then you need to active at last 12 to 16 hours in 24 hours. Then you need to promote your gigs on social media regularly. If you follow this instructions hope you will get success quickly.