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New to Fiverr - How to be found in searches?

Good Morning,

I joined Fiverr 2 days ago and find that when I search for “Watercolor Logos”, my Gig doesn’t come up. At all. Does it take a few days to be reflected in the search? TIA! :grinning:

~Michelle • MLA Designs

Hello there, welcome to Fiverr!

It does indeed take some time to show up in search results when just creating your gig. As far as I know, it can take up to 24 hours. You also disappear from search results when you edit your gig, as it must be approved a similar way.

I try to find ‘off times’ when I don’t think many buyers will be looking for that service before editing my gig, or right before I go to bed–that way when I wake up and I’m online again, I’ll show up!

Hope this helps.

Thank you!! I didn’t know that when you edit the Gig, it has to be approved again. That may explain it! I appreciate your reply! :slight_smile:

go in selling bar and search for buyer requests

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Thank you! When I go there, there is nothing… I think I need to do more reading on Fiverr and acquaint myself better with how this platform works. :slight_smile:

The buyers request is based on your gig categories.