New to Fiverr - how well does this site work for other Fiverrs?


Hey guys im Lexi - new to Fiverr.
Just looking for some tips here or experience from other fiverrs - i have two gigs on but it isnt even getting any clicks or views and doesnt show in searches - am i doing something wrong?
How have first time Fiverrs gone with starting out with new gigs and how long before you get a response or jobs going?
Thanks in advance
Lexi xx


Many sellers use the Buyer Request section to gain their first few sales.

I’d suggest using the Forum (search) to learn how you can promote and research your gigs.


It may take a few days for new gigs to show up in searches since they are looked at and approved first. Welcome to fiverr!


I agree with thecreativeguys. Try the Buyer Request. Wishing you all the best and welcome to fiverr.


Thanks All for the input and the warm welcome!! :slight_smile: Lexi


Welcome! I heard it said that being successful freelancing is to think like a marathoner not a sprinter. Use buyer requests like others have said. You may be pleasantly surprised, and receive a gig right away. However, do not be surprised that you may have to submit a lot of offers before receiving a gig. Since you’re trying to build a good reputation at this point, it will feel like gold!


I’m kinda new…but I’m trying to understand…the buyer request section is actually filled with sellers instead…where do I go to submit offers to actual buyers?


I think that the official policy prohibits sellers from advertising their services through Buyer Request. There must also be some legitimate buyers on there as well. You may just have to weed through it.