New to fiverr? I am. I made 5 sales in my first day! Read to find out how you can get lots of sales!


Hello Fiverr users, new and experienced!

I am here to share a little tip. It is hard getting your gig seen by potential customers and the forum is an excellent way to expose it!

I have a little tip for you all, especially for the new guys who have not yet been ‘rated’!

Post a new thread in the “Fiverr Gigs” section on this forum and name it “Giving away free gig”.

In the description, offer to give away your new gig for free to the first few people who comment if they agree to leave feedback in the comment section of your new thread!

They will leave feedback (hopefully positive) and people will continue to open your thread because they are hoping they can get your gig for free. As they read they will see that it was only for the first few people, but… they will notice the great feedback from the people who were lucky enough to receive it and it might just convince them to actually purchase it.

No one wants to purchase a gig with no feedback, but by doing this you are kind of providing feedback in a different way and people will feel much safer purchasing off you for the first time!

After this, you will have a feedback score and all is well! You can continue selling normally on fiverr as other sellers do!

Just thought I would share as it is hard getting seen when new to Fiverr, hopefully this helps you guys out!

Goodluck guys! Check out my gig, it is freaking excellent lol!


Very good idea, but how do you give the gig for free, do you just send them the file in a message, but then how would they give you feedback. Please tell me how, thanks


You only have a tip gig visible. I’m not sure how this would work, giving a gig away for free and getting feedback on the gig itself. Because only buyers can leave feedback on an actual gig.


He may not have been aware that you can’t give feedback on a gig unless you make payment. Or, perhaps he was just looking for positive reviews in the actual thread. As that would influence others to buy when the free offer ended. Here’s his freebie gig:

The mods censored the heck out of that thread. The majority of comments have been deleted. Now, it appears his actual gig is not showing. In my case, I didn’t ask for a freebie. I just bought it and left positive feedback.

Charlie - I’m not going to sell exactly what you gave the ingredients for in the ebook. I have somewhat of a safety concern after researching. And I just tend to be a worrier by nature. So I am using your ideas presented, but with a spin on it. It is an awesome idea. I’m happy I purchased it before it was gone. Thanks again for sharing this!


All new commers to fiverr gets quite a bit of traffic especially if they a have a high demand gig up from the get go


If you guys read this correctly, you would notice I said they leave feedback here, on your forum post! It will than bring it back to the top, and people will continue to open your post because they will see “free gig” in the title…

Whilst they scroll down they will see the feedback from others and be convinced to check out your gig and possibly purchase it! :slight_smile:


Reply to @integritymedia: Glad you enjoyed it! It really is an excellent idea. I wish there was a way to sell it for more money, I might find a way some day! Until than, I shall continue to use fiverr and maybe start my business back up!

Also, I have another great idea for you around the idea, which could make you a gigantic killing, message me if you are interested, i’ll hook you up for free :slight_smile:


I thought about that concept as well. It works well on WF, so I figured it would work here too. Congrats!


Reply to @musiclover: I’m not sure if it is against Fiverr’s TOS though? I don’t see why it would be though /:


Awesome idea lad!


Reply to @mindcandii: Idk, I just skimmed through the TOS and I didn’t see anything that would violate it.


Reply to @musiclover: great, thank you for that.


How i can do free gig?


Reply to @kirillp: Just read what I have written above and what others have written in the comments. I can not really explain any further nor can I be bothered to explain any further. It is written in enough detail I think.

Sorry /:


Reply to @kirillp: You’re a top rated seller. I’m sure you do not need to use this lol :slight_smile:


Great post! I just opened up a seller account a few days ago and posted up my first gig. No orders or even views. So I will take the advice by the OP. For the next 24 hours, I am offering my one gig(fitness consulting) for free. Just visit me at bbminded!!!


Reply to @bbminded: Could i possibly gain your gig for free, and i may make a post about it if it is good?





This is really a good idea. I was also thinking of giving free one gig for four orders in my seo gigs