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New to Fiverr. I got an order after creating fiverr. But now no order.Give Tips


I am new to Fiverr. And i need your advuce to start my sales…


I will waiting for your reponse…


Check Tips for Sellers category as it has loads of VERY informative and beneficial posts to new sellers.


Good read…


I have a suggestion for you since you will need to communicate with buyers politely to sell effectively. Your forum post title basically demands that readers “Give Tips” and there is no “please” or nice request implied. After you made the post and didn’t get immediate answers you bumped the post with a complaint about waiting for a response. If you treat buyers this way writing demanding sentences and impatience you are likely to annoy your own clients. Be careful and good luck.


Thankyou so much. for your kind help. I am new to Fiverr, So i will learn soon. Also I have started reading the forum and i have getting the great ideas and help from Forum. Thanks again.