New to Fiverr, I would appreciate feedback


Hi, my name is George and I have just started my activity on Fiverr almost a month ago. I have been investing as much time as possible to get it right and it’s been quite an interesting journey so far as I’ve managed to complete 12 orders and receive 10 positive ratings. It hasn’t been easy, especially at the beginning when I did not know a lot about working on an online platform. As you can probably imagine after a few weeks I am far from being an expert, yet I feel motivated to learn and expand my knowledge more.

What concerns me is that my subjectivity keeps me away from seeing what I should improve on and here I would appreciate and be thankful for an honest opinion. As my experience lacks in some respects and as much as I read forums, I am sure there are aspects to improve on. I know I need a personal profile photo to be more business focused and I am working on that. Just to let you know I am a bit of camera shy so not so good with making personal videos.

I can say I have experienced both of the good and the not so good of freelancing activity and I am really grateful for this. My experiences so far have been mostly optimistic although there were situations that felt more demanding than I have initially considered. I think that there are chances for anyone who really wants to make something of his career as a freelancer.If you are just starting on Fiverr and you want a career as a freelancer, this is my advice: keep your confidence and don’t give up, be patient and work as efficient as possible.You will get better and better if you are willing to make an effort.

Thank you for bearing with me.I hope this helps.


Welcome to the hot seat.

You need a friendly picture as your profile shot.

Regarding your voiceover gig:

Make it a Romanian voiceover only. “I will professionally record a Romanian voiceover.” Use “Romanian voice over” as an alternative keyword.

Create a Gru voiceover gig. It won’t sell a lot, and you need to check copyright issues, but you’ve got it nailed.

General advice:

You’ve got enough reviews to go to a $10 starting price, which will make you stand out a bit, plus help your search rankings.

All of your gig art needs spicing up. It doesn’t grab my attention.


@selfors: Thank you very much for your advice.I really appreciate it.
I will see what I can to do to improve on the aspects you’ve mentioned.