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New to fiverr, introducing myself


Hi All.

My names Michael and I’m new to fiverr, i’m a Clairaudient and have been practicing my skills for over two years, I do Tarot Card readings, Oracle Card readings and pendulum readings, they will be more to come soon once I have developed new skills I’m learning every day.

I am also a filmmaker and screenwriter and have recently added a new gig for screenwriting, my aim is to collab with other filmmakers.

Here is my profile if people are interested: :).

Michael :).


I wish you much luck on Fiverr.


Thank you so much :).


Welcome to Fiverr! Good luck!


Welcome to the community! Interesting gigs by the way…

I’m a crowdfunding campaign promoter and I used to work with many indie filmmakers. I’d love to know if you can recommend communities that support indie films :wink:

Best of luck here!


Welcome to Fiverr. Have a great journey.


welcome to fiverr! goodluck on your journey :slight_smile:


Welcome to Fiverr community and wish you good luck for your future sales.


Oh that sounds interesting :), could you contact me?. As i’d love to know more what you do :).

Michael :).


Thank you so much! :).


Thank you so much tuhin2u! :).


Welcome to the team of DOERS.

I am a designer and also a Script Writer.


Thank you so much! :), and that’s awesome! :). What genre do you write?. :slight_smile:


@michaelstarots I write ad scripts, radio and TV commercial scripts, voice over scripts.


That sounds pretty cool :). I write supernatural horror scripts :).


That’s great. I also can write super heroic comic scripts, but I don’t offer that here on fiverr.


Hello and welcome Im Lou I still trying to figure out how to post my personal introduction I guess Im not to brite


Hello and welcome. Hope you will find so many interesting projects here…


Welcome to Fiverr. May you be a success here!