New to Fiverr... my first dispute


So I posted my first Gig back in back in March sometime, just to see if I could get some graphic design work, as I’m trying to improve my portfolio and skills. It wasn’t until May that I got my first Gig… but my first buyer placed multiple orders and gave good reviews and 5 stars… since then I’ve been getting a steady stream of 1 to 4 Gigs a day!!! It has been awesome, and I’ve put a considerable amount of time into creating some more Gigs and making good videos to promote them. I’ve completed 22 Gigs and have 5 in my queue right now… but one of them has become my first dispute :frowning:

Basically, the buyer messaged me and provided his job requirements and asked me if I was interested… I said sure… took a look at what he wanted, and told him that I can do the job under my “standard” Gig, and asked if that sounded good. He responded quickly and said yes. A few minutes later, I see he placed an order for at the “basic” level… a substantial difference in cost from my “standard” level. I politely informed him that he must have misunderstood our agreement, and that he had placed an order at the “basic” level, not the “standard” level that we agreed upon in messages. I have no way of knowing if he did this on purpose, or simply didn’t pay enough attention to the various Gig levels… but it seems like he knows that filing a dispute is not something sellers are eager to do… I did not bend, more out of principle than anything else… and reluctantly filed my first dispute.

So a couple of questions…

  1. How much, if any, could this affect my Gig’s ranking?
  2. Do you think he was trying to bully me into doing work I agreed to do for 6 times as much?

I really hope that this wont seriously affect my ranking, as I’m enjoying providing buyers with great vector art… and want to keep doing so.

Thanks in advance for your feedback,


Unfortunately cancellations do affect rankings in a mysterious way.

It’s encouraged to keep cancellations to a bare minimum.

Best of luck.


I have to admit, I needed to re-read that to finally get it. I think the problem is that both basic and standard suggest to me the lowest level. Usually you’ll see things like:

Basic, Premium, Ultimate
Silver, Gold, Platinum
small, medium, large
coach, business, first class

I’m not sure what his intention was but I would consider renaming the levels, as both basic and standard suggest the lowest level possible.


Exactly, the wording sounded that possibly he could have been mixed up.

Again, I don’t know his honest intentions but It seems unclear.


I don’t see an option to rename the levels. I agree the wording is a bit confusing, but that’s how the 3 package system is set up at my level… I assumed all Gigs are worded that way. If there is a way to change the labels for the packages I would certainly do so.


I am not sure, because I don’t use levels. But I’m sure a good Samaritan will be along this road shortly to tell you how to do it. Don’t sweat the dispute. The damage, if any will be minimal and temporary. Its only when they are common that they can hurt you substantially. We all have buyers who cause issues now and again.


If you go into the pricing section, you’ll see the three labels for basic, standard and premium.

You can add your own labels in the row underneath, like bronze, silver, gold etc.


Right, but that label would be in addition to the default Basic Standard and Premium labels, not in place of them, correct?


That’s right - the basic etc. are standard labels, and we can add to them, but not replace them.


The Premium Samaritan appears


You could do what I do. Instead of referring to the “Basic”, “Standard” and “Premium” names, whenever a client is asking about my services, I always use the names that I have given to those three packages. This removes all confusion, because the names I use, are the same names listed to define the package.


It won’t affect it much as all probably since you can check the box that says
"we coulnd’t agree on the price."

I’m not sure if he did it on purpose or not.

You could have sent him an offer on the order for an extra that would allow him to add on to the existing offer. Also did you try explaining to him he ordered the wrong package?

It might have been possible to salvage this order by asking him to pay more to get what he wanted.


Hi misscrystal… yes I did very politely appologize for any confusion and inform him he ordered the wrong level. I created a custom Gig Extra for the difference and he began to get arguementative. I did my best to salvage it.

Good to know that it shouldn’t affect my ranking, I did select the “could not agree on a price” option. I’ll post the thread if it is allowed… but it doesn’t really matter at this point.


I hope this doesn’t affect your rating. I think the package names can be confusing sometimes and then other times people might be trying to get a little extra work. I recently started just sending custom offers to potential clients who are asking about what to order even if it is just a standard package anyway.


That’s a smart approach Tracy,

Thanks for the tip.